Robbin’s “Soggy Dollar” prints are selling at the

“Soggy Dollar Bar “Gift Shop and Foxy’s on their apparel. Both bars are on Jost Van Dyke , British Virgin Islands.

If she can’t be there second best is her art !

Soggy Dollar has been voted best Caribbean Bar of 2015 !

Painting Featured on the cover of “Bay Woof” May 2014 issue

ABOUT THE COVER: This month’s cover, painted by Robbin Roberson Polter, is called “In Flight.” It was inspired by a family friend’s dream days after the loss of the artist’s 18 year old son and 16 year old shelter dog. Polter is a 4th Generation Folk Artist, Texas Native and self taught painter. Her whimsical style brings light to dreams, travel, folklore and even sad subject matter. More examples of her work can be found at, and contact her at

   Current 2018 Project just completed painting 8 paintings 14”x41” of Ramsey Park, Austin Texas. These panels will be scanned and printed on metal. They will hang on the pavilion permanently as a public art. Images can be see on next page of website.

No 2018 shows are scheduled due to traveling plans.

Gallery St Thomas has closed and store Fish Face in Palm Passage , St Thomas is currently representing Robbin’s art.